AJ Specialty General Contractor delivers the highest quality of work in construction field, offering full range construction services makes a difference among other companies.
We comply and understand customer needs.
Micro Management is part of our protocol. Project managers carefully inspect assigned projects, they take full ownership to execute and meet standards set by management.
The company’s expertise brought job Excellency, from pre-planning, detailed drawing, checklist, architectural design, engineering, and management.


How to begin with project construction? What are the steps in constructing a project? Who are the people that we need to talk to in completing the project? These are common questions that we have in mind in conceptualizing or at the early stage of constructing a project.
AJ Specialty General Contractor is a much focused company even at early stage, which means our perfection and effort pours not only during construction but also even on planning stage.
Professionalism, quality, budget, efficiency, and meeting deadline are key factors possessed by our company towards success.
Pre-construction is one of the most important stage in accomplishing a project, at this stage you will have strong foundation until you successfully finish construction cycle stage.
We carefully analyze past construction projects involving sub-contractors to evaluate their performance along with financial summary report. With this analysis, we are filtering capabilities of each sub-contractors. The eligibility in our bids is not easy, we are perfectionist. We don’t just look after with the budget but more important is quality. We eliminate sub-contractors that won’t be able to pass with our standards, this ensures highest quality of work provided by AJ Specialty General Contractor to each and every customers.

Our Team offers:

  • Planning Stage- Conceptualizing, detailed drawing, and evaluation as start up in constructing a project. With the help of our expert consultants, a wide selection options are being offered to ensure final outcome matches with customer needs and expectations.

  • Design Implementation and Strategies- AJ Specialty General Contractor intensively implement final concept agreed on planning stage- From excavation, demolish, to building frames are some of initial steps in accomplishing the project.

  • Oversees Supervision Maintenance- While everything seems perfect, we never settled.
    AJ Specialty General Contractor consistently monitoring day to day work. We carefully inspect and evaluate the project to make sure everything done according to the original plan.

  • Cost, Budget Estimates- We itemize, analyze, and customize budget for the benefit of the client.
    A detailed estimates and schematic design are provided along with schedules. This ensures no delay or short budget during construction period.